What services does your firm provide to businesses and corporations?

See Corporate Services.

How is your firm different from other investigation companies?

We care. It is truly difficult to put it any other way— we care about our clients and the situations they are facing. We want local business owners to make smart, informed decisions when it comes to their livelihood, so we equip them with the information needed. Our staff takes the time to get to know our clients and understand what results they hope to accomplish. We are in the profession of building relationships, and do so with all our clients.

Can you provide references?

Absolutely. Please review our testimonials.

Do you do due diligence investigations?

Yes, and in fact, we recommend you do your due diligence before making an adverse business decision. More times than not, clients come to us after a bad business deal. It is your responsibility to look into the individual you plan to conduct business with beforehand to protect your best interest.

Do you conduct background screenings?

Yes, and we encourage companies to invest in pre-employment and post-employment screening. Safe hiring is an important facet of any company. Integrity Investigations, Inc. is a charter member of the Indiana Association of Background Screeners and continues to stay abreast of the changing laws to best serve our clients. We have the resources, skills, and experience necessary to conduct screenings tailored to meet the requirements of your company. Contact our office at 574-288-5911 to learn more.

Do you conduct undercover operations?

Yes, Integrity Investigations, Inc. has been able to effectively identify and monitor unethical and possible illegal employee behavior for our clients through undercover operations. We send our experienced undercover investigator into our clients business to learn the behavior of the employee(s) in question. Contact our office at 574-288-5911 when you have doubt and need to know what is really happening.

Do you do third-party investigations?

Yes, it is important for corporations to conduct third-party investigations. By doing so, it will aid in alleviating some responsibility, and assist in generating more accurate information that can be utilized by the business.

Can your firm assist us with GPS tracking?

Yes, we help companies with GPS tracking. The units we utilize in our office are the most up-to-date trackers on the market. They provide live tracking, with real-time feedback. We can generate reports based on the locations the employee has traveled. The GPS trackers can be used on their own or in connection with mobile surveillance. To learn more about how a GPS tracker can benefit your organization, call our office at 574-288-5911.

We have done our best to answer frequently asked questions, but if there is something we didn’t answer, please contact our office direct at 574-288-5911.