Family Law FAQs

What services does your firm provide to Family Law Attorneys?

See Family Law Services.

Is Family Law a regular part of your caseload?

We have assisted with Family Law cases since our office establishment in 2004. Our staff is trained to properly handle the delicate situations which typically accompany Family Law cases. We have experience obtaining documented information for court purposes and have investigators who are confident in testifying on the stand when necessary. When requested, we can work with your clients directly for court preparations to lighten the attorney communication load. We will always ensure you have access to the information you need, and that your client is well taken care of.

How is your firm different from other investigation companies?

We care. It is truly difficult to put it any other way— we care and are dedicated to assisting our clients.

We are in the profession of building relationships, and we do so with each of our clients. Our passion is assisting attorneys with their cases. Integrity is staffed with legal, board-certified investigators that lead a team of esteemed professionals who have the drive and know-how to uncover and obtain information. We understand we are not only representing our company, but the firms we partner with as well. We stand behind our ethics each step of the way. Integrity is not just our name; it’s our culture.

Can you provide references?

Absolutely. Please review our testimonials.

How can you help us with child custody/domestic cases?

Our staff can assist with obtaining information and documenting evidence to help establish the truth. Our investigators are highly trained and are provided with state-of-the-art technology to obtain documentation of subjects. With a combination of in-office research and fieldwork, our investigators will capture and document all activities of the person of interest. We will prepare the information in an organized fashion for your ease. A case manager will also work with your client to prepare them for court, so they know what to expect, providing you with a more versed client. Our office has a proprietary child custody informational binder that outlines items of importance.

Do you conduct surveillance?

Yes, we conduct surveillance often. Our field investigators are highly trained in the art of mobile and stationary surveillance, and are equipped to capture photo and video documentation that may be vital to your case. Surveillance is one of the oldest methods, and still one of the most effective ways of documenting activities.

Do you have GPS services?

Yes, the units we utilize in our office are the most up-to-date trackers on the market. They provide live tracking with real-time feedback. We can generate reports based on the results obtained. The GPS trackers can be used on their own or in connection with mobile surveillance. If you are interested in GPS services for your client, contact our office at 574-288-5911 to speak with a member of our staff.

Do you conduct background investigations?

Yes, our staff is experienced in the process of conducting an in-depth background investigation that will help you understand your client’s past, as well as the opposing sides, and potential witnesses. Background investigations will be tailored to meet your specific needs, and our knowledgeable staff is happy to assist you.

How soon before you can start a case?

The start time of any case is dependent on how quickly our client communicates the necessary information or documentation, and our current caseload. However, our investigators are on-call 24/7 and are available at any time. We will work with you to meet your goals and are happy to accommodate any time frame. To get your case started today, please contact our office at 574-288-5911.

Do you do locates?

Yes. Integrity has access to multiple databases that are not available to unlicensed parties, and experienced staff to conduct the research. These sources allow us to gather, sort, cross-reference, and verify the information to locate a subject or client for your firm.

Are you available to testify in court?

Yes, our investigators are experienced in testifying and are confident in court proceedings. They will maintain a professional demeanor and provide an ethical testimony. Our investigators are more than a paid witness; we have professional, ethical guidelines that we adhere to for our licensing and our membership with multiple professional associations.

How much does an investigation cost?

It depends on what service is being performed and the duration of time. We bill at an hourly rate plus expenses. However, we will work with your firm to establish a realistic budget.

We have done our best to answer frequently asked questions, but if there is something we didn’t answer, please contact our office direct at 574-288-5911.