Family Law

Better Settlements and Peace of Mind for Your Clients

Integrity Investigations, Inc. understands family law and domestic relation cases. Our staff is highly skilled with over 125 years of combined experience in obtaining the information needed to strengthen your case. We provide this information in a professional and timely manner.

  • Documented proof needed for mediation and court
  • New light shed on your case with information at your fingertips
  • Child custody clients prepared for mediation and court
  • Social media techniques that provide information to benefit your case
  • Track down difficult to find individuals
  • Know your papers were served

Our Services:

Surveillance – Our highly experienced and accommodating surveillance specialists work around the clock to meet our clients’ needs. As part of our aggressive cost control efforts, our agency, prior to the field investigation, conducts a preliminary investigation on the subject that includes verifying the address, driving record, and vehicle registration information. This allows our investigators to be knowledgeable and informed regarding case facts so they can conduct the investigation in the most effective and efficient manner. We have the skill set and state-of-the-art equipment necessary to capture photo and video documentation that may be vital to your case. Have the documented proof needed for mediation and court.

Child Custody Litigation Assistance – Integrity Investigations, Inc. specializes in assisting family law attorneys as they diligently work to help their clients obtain and maintain custody of their child(ren)/grandchild(ren). Based on decades of experience, our firm has sourced and created reference materials to work with child custody clients in preparation for mediation, and if necessary, going to court. The reference materials include logs for documenting all interaction with the other guardian, legal terms they will hear during the custody process, questions they need to know the answers to before mediation or court, and much more. Our staff will help prepare your client and gather pertinent information vital to their case so you can spend more time in the courtroom. To learn more about this valuable service, call us at 574-288-5911. Have clients that are prepared for mediation and court.

Cohabitation Investigations – Integrity Investigations provides our clients with documentation of cohabitation. This investigation is invaluable when there is a court order in place prohibiting cohabitation. If your clients suspect their ex or soon to be ex-spouse is cohabitating with another individual, our firm will document the parameters of that relationship, the frequency of contact, and time frame. Eliminate alimony in a cohabitation situation.

Background Checks – Our in-depth background checks will help you understand your client’s past, as well as the opposing side. We will check criminal, civil, sex offense, driving, and vehicle registration records. Have all the information you need at your fingertips.

GPS Monitoring  GPS monitoring is the most cost-effective alternative to surveillance and can be used as a supplement or replacement to traditional fieldwork. Integrity Investigations, Inc. has a surveillance tech readily available to place a GPS tracking device on the specified vehicle. Our team will then track the vehicle in real-time, documenting the location of all travel activities including date, time, and speed. We provide you with reports and regular updates of all activity. Have additional documentation to strengthen your case.

Social Media Investigation Integrity Investigations, Inc. will enhance your case using the latest technology available to locate, monitor, and document social networking activities of the client, opposing party, and witnesses. We locate social media profiles previously unavailable using traditional investigative tactics. Our experienced team of researchers will continuously monitor all profiles found and provide court documentation as needed. Have additional information that can shed new light on your case.

Locates Integrity Investigations, Inc. is equipped with multiple current databases that are not available to unlicensed parties. Through these sources we gather, sort, cross-reference, verify, and locate a subject or client for your firm. Hard to find individuals found.

Location Based Social Media Monitoring  Integrity Investigations, Inc. has a suite of tools dedicated to digital forensics and social media monitoring. These tools expand our real-time monitoring capabilities, provide us with historical social media data, and provide applications for both cold and new cases. This state-of-the-art technology gives us the ability to monitor specific locations for outgoing social media activity, and cross-reference the user’s identity across multiple social media platforms. Have social media information that will benefit your case.

Process Service We deliver all process services in an expedient and professional manner. Notary publics are on staff, and available when needed. Know your papers were served.

To eliminate doubt and suspicion and have the indisputable facts to prevail, call us today at (574) 288-5911 for a FREE phone consultation.