Criminal Defense

More Acquittals and Better Pleas for Your Clients

Integrity Investigations, Inc. understands criminal defense cases. We give you command of the case facts, so you can successfully represent your client. Our staff comprises of certified criminal defense investigators and certified forensic interviewers who are highly skilled with over 125 years of combined experience. We obtain the information needed to strengthen your case and provide this information in a professional and timely manner.

  • Have the upper hand
  • Have a second set of eyes to identify discrepancies
  • Organized discovery at your fingertips that saves you time
  • Know what really happened without being there
  • Have the missing witnesses needed for your case
  • Social media information that will benefit your case
  • Have a reliable work product useful for court
  • Know what witnesses will say before putting them on the stand
  • Have what you need in the courtroom

Our Services:

Case Review – Integrity Investigations, Inc. is trained to review the case and pinpoint critical information necessary for court. We help form a unique plan specific to your needs, to ensure we are working in the most efficient and effective manner. Our investigators are talented at obtaining witness statements, investigating the crime scene, and creating background profiles on your person(s) of interest. Have a second set of eyes to identify discrepancies.

Discovery Review As part of our defense process, our staff sorts through discovery materials creating a ledger noting and highlighting possible discrepancies, key witnesses, important events, locations, and more for you to quickly identify key information regarding your case. Organized discovery at your fingertips that saves you time.

Crime Scene Investigation Our team of skilled investigators visits and studies the crime scene taking notes, photos, video, measurements, and diagrams of the area for reference and comparison against documentation initially made. This allows us to determine the most viable witnesses, potentially discover new witnesses to interview, and construct the information to build a solid case. Know what really happened without being there.

Create a Timeline – Once we have reviewed the facts of the case, we can generate a timeline including all the key factors in an organized fashion. This allows for dynamic management of the investigative process. Have a reliable work product useful for court.

Locate Witnesses – Integrity Investigations, Inc. understands the importance of witnesses to each case. Our team of skilled researchers work in the most productive manner, employing a combination of proprietary national databases, traditional field-work, and other effective resources, to locate missing witnesses, and persons or parties. Have the missing witnesses needed for your case.

Obtain Witness Statements – We understand the importance of witnesses and their statements, and we want our client prepared for what the witness is going to testify to. Through our witness management process, we often extract information from uncooperative and unreliable witnesses that would not have been obtained utilizing a traditional approach. As our client, you will know if you have a trustworthy witness that won’t be influenced or alter their statement when being questioned on the stand. We will maintain contact with witnesses throughout the case, if necessary, so they are readily available to testify in court. Know what witnesses will say before putting them on the stand.

Background Investigations – Our team of researchers prepares an in-depth, due diligence, detailed profile summary with key points of each involved party. This allows you to become more familiar with your client, the victims, and the witnesses. Have the upper hand.

Litigation Support Our investigators are available during the trial and the litigation process to assist with unexpected events, trial preparation, and witness and expert management. Have what you need in the courtroom.

Location Based Social Media Monitoring  Integrity Investigations, Inc. has a suite of tools dedicated to digital forensics and social media monitoring. These tools expand our real-time monitoring capabilities, provide us with historical social media data, and provide applications for both cold and new cases. This state-of-the-art technology gives us the ability to monitor specific locations for outgoing social media activity, and cross-reference the user’s identity across multiple social media platforms. Have social media information that will benefit your case.

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