Save Money on Fraudulent Claims

Integrity Investigations, Inc. understands insurance and SIU claims. We provide our clients with facts to properly manage claims, identify possible fraudulent activity, avoid litigation, and save money on fraudulent claims. Our staff is highly skilled with over 125 years of combined experience in obtaining the information needed to strengthen your case. We provide this information in a professional and timely report.

  • Knowledge regarding the claim
  • Documented proof needed for mediation and court
  • Have all the information needed at your fingertips
  • Social media information that will benefit your case
  • Have the missing witnesses you need for your case
  • Know what witnesses will say before putting them on the stand
  • Have what you need to assist in mitigating the risk of fraudulent activity

Our Services:

Surveillance – Integrity Investigations, Inc. has experience working closely with insurance companies, assisting them with alleged claims of on-the-job injuries. Our highly experienced and accommodating surveillance specialists are available to work around the clock to meet our clients’ needs. As part of our aggressive cost control efforts, our agency, prior to our field investigation, conducts a preliminary investigation on the subject that includes verifying the address, driving record, and vehicle registration information. This allows our investigators to be knowledgeable and informed regarding case facts so they can conduct the investigation in the most effective and efficient manner. We have the skill set and state-of-the-art equipment necessary to capture photo and video documentation that may be vital to your claim. Have the documented proof needed for mediation and court.

Activity Check – Verify activities at a residence or business, the location of vehicles, or a physical check of an individual. Have knowledge regarding the claim.

Background Investigation – Our team of researchers prepare an in-depth due diligence, detailed profile summary with key points regarding the claimant and witnesses. Our team also verifies if there has been a history of similar claims filed. Have all the information needed at your fingertips.

Social Media Investigation Locating, monitoring, and documenting social networking activities of the claimant and witnesses can be financially beneficial. Integrity Investigations, Inc. has the ability to locate social media profiles previously unavailable using traditional investigative tactics, and we are equipped with the latest technology available for social media monitoring. Our social media investigative experts obtain pertinent information for the claims process, including unreported activity and employment. Have what you need to assist in mitigating the risk of fraudulent activity.

Location Based Social Media Monitoring – Integrity Investigations, Inc. has a suite of tools dedicated to digital forensics and social media monitoring. These tools expand our real-time monitoring capabilities provide us with historical social media data. This state-of-the-art technology gives us the ability to monitor specific locations for outgoing social media activity and cross-reference the user’s identity across multiple social media platforms. Have social media information that will benefit your case.

Locate Witnesses – Integrity Investigations, Inc. understands the importance of witnesses to all claims. Our team of knowledgeable researchers work in the most effective and efficient manner employing the use of exclusive databases and resources, in conjunction with traditional fieldwork to track down missing witnesses and involved parties. Have the missing witnesses you need for your case.

Witness Statements We understand the importance of witnesses and their statements to our client’s case. You are always prepared through our witness management process; we often extract information from uncooperative and unreliable witnesses that would not have been obtained utilizing a traditional approach. Know what witnesses will say before putting them on the stand.

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