Corporate Investigations

Have All the Facts to Make Informed Decisions

Integrity Investigations, Inc. understands corporate/business investigations. Our staff is highly skilled with over 125 years of combined experience in obtaining essential information. We provide our clients with the confidence needed to make informed decisions regarding employees, partners, suppliers, and investors. Our thorough investigations save you money, litigation, reputation, and your brand.

  • Prevent issues before they become a liability
  • Make informed decisions
  • Have undeniable, actionable, documented proof
  • Know what your employees are doing while on company time
  • Save valuable time with technology that empowers your organization
  • Difficult to find individuals located
  • Protect your brand

Our Services:

Pre-employment and post-employment screening – Integrity Investigations, Inc. supports the best practice standards of the national screening industry. We have the resources, skills, and experience necessary to conduct screenings tailored to meet the requirements of our client’s company. By investing in professional screenings of employees, you can avoid a potential lawsuit and help ensure the safety of your employees, customers, facility, reputation, and brand. Prevent issues before they become a liability.

Investor Background Checks/Due Diligence – Integrity Investigations, Inc. discreetly verifies the authenticity of the information of individuals and the company provided. We also find any undisclosed hidden risks that could keep you from making a sound investment decision. Our extensive resources allow us to conduct a background check or an exhaustive due diligence investigation. With all the facts, you can make informed decisions.

Undercover Operations – Integrity Investigations, Inc. can identify and monitor unethical and possible illegal employee behavior. We send our experienced undercover investigator into our clients business to learn the behavior of the employee(s) in question. Have documented proof so you can take appropriate actions.

Surveillance Integrity Investigations, Inc. is staffed with highly experienced surveillance specialists who are available to work around the clock based on our client’s needs. Integrity uses state of the art equipment to capture photo and video documentation as proof. Have undeniable, actionable, documented proof.

GPS Monitoring – GPS monitoring can be used to ensure company efficiency and avoid employee misconduct. GPS monitoring is the most cost-effective alternative to surveillance and can be used as a supplement or replacement to traditional fieldwork. Integrity Investigations, Inc. has a surveillance tech readily available to place a GPS tracking device. The equipment accurately documents all travel activities including date, time, location, and speed. Once the GPS monitor is in place, our team will track the location of the vehicle in real time. We provide you with reports and regular updates of all activity. Our clients also have the option to rent our GPS units and conduct the monitoring in-house. We will provide a short demo of our equipment to your staff for effective monitoring. Know what your employees are doing while on company time.

Location Based Social Media Monitoring – Integrity Investigations, Inc. has a suite of tools dedicated to digital forensics and social media monitoring. These tools expand our real-time monitoring capabilities, provide us with historical social media data, and provide applications for both cold and new cases. This state-of-the-art technology gives us the ability to monitor specific locations for outgoing social media activity, and cross-reference the user’s identity across multiple social media platforms. Have social media information that will benefit your case.

Locates – Integrity Investigations, Inc. has multiple up-to-date databases that are not available to unlicensed parties. Our experienced investigators have the knowledge and resources to gather, sort, cross-reference, verify, and locate individuals that need to be found. Difficult to find individuals located.

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