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When it comes to personal individual investigations, professionalism, compassion, discretion, and experience puts Integrity Investigations, Inc. above the rest. We pride ourselves on our ability to think outside the box and utilize non-traditional investigative tactics to get the evidence our clients need. We provide verified and documented facts through surveillance and GPS Monitoring services. Our investigations include infidelity, background, social media, child custody, and Internet dating.

  • Have the knowledge you need
  • Know what to do next
  • Don’t have regrets; find out the facts ahead of time
  • Be prepared and confident during court hearings
  • Know whom you are really communicating with
  • Find your loved ones

Our Services:

Surveillance – Gain the peace of mind you deserve through our comprehensive surveillance service. Our knowledgeable, highly trained surveillance specialists are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment. Our specialists and equipment allow the surveillance to be conducted covertly. With this service, we are able to closely observe, capture, and provide you with documented photos and video of activities that occurred. This proof will allow you to either confirm or deny unsettling suspicions. Our photos and videos are always time and date stamped to provide undeniable, documented proof of our observations.

Surveillance can be used to provide documented proof in the following situations:

Infidelity, Cheating Spouse, Adultery: Betrayal is something that no one wants to experience. Unfortunately, it happens. Having suspicions of someone you love can be extremely stressful and painful, especially when you don’t want to believe it. We understand the sensitive nature that comes with dishonesty, whether it is from a cheating spouse, a boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, or partner. We make sure to handle everything in a professional and delicate manner. We are discrete, and all information remains confidential to maintain the privacy and integrity of our clients. Truth provides you peace of mind. End your suspicion and anxiety today. Call us at 574-288-5911 to verify the facts so you can make an informed decision.

Child(ren) Custody Integrity Investigations, Inc. specializes in assisting families to obtain and maintain custody of their child(ren) through documented proof provided by surveillance such as:

  • If a parent is abiding by the court order
  • If a parent is utilizing their time properly with said child(ren)
  • Why a parent canceled visitation
  • Whereabouts of child(ren)
  • Safety of child(ren)
  • Environment and people child(ren) are exposed to
  • If child(ren) are being neglected or in danger of any kind
  • If a parent engages in excessive alcohol or drug use

GPS Monitoring GPS monitoring is the most cost-effective alternative to surveillance and can be used as a supplement or replacement for traditional surveillance. Integrity Investigations, Inc. has a surveillance tech readily available to place a GPS tracking device. Our team will then track the location of the vehicle in real-time. The equipment accurately documents all travel activities including date, time, location, and speed. We provide you with reports and regular updates of all activity. We have customized rates for short and long-term monitoring and rental. Have the knowledge you need.

GPS monitoring can be used for:

  • A new teenaged driver to learn their driving habits and know their whereabouts
  • To track your spouse when they begin exhibiting suspicious behavior

Social Media Investigations Integrity Investigations, Inc. specializes in finding, monitoring, and documenting social media activities through non-traditional investigative tactics. We have the ability to locate highly protected and well-hidden social media profiles. Social media profiles can many times provide information about people, their friends, their character, their activities, and whereabouts. Our social media specialist has advanced training, the latest technology available, and the ability to monitor a person’s online activities and learn everything available about them. We provide our clients with the documentation of our findings. Know all the information available.

  • Monitoring can be done on anyone such as a spouse, child, boyfriend, girlfriend, and grandchildren.

Child Custody Litigation Assistance – Based on years of experience, our staff will help prepare you and gather pertinent information vital to your case so your attorney can spend more time in the courtroom. We consult with you in preparation for mediation, and if necessary, court. Some of the items we will discuss and provide you with are logs for documenting all interaction with the other guardian, legal terms that will be heard during the custody process, questions that will likely be asked in mediation or court, and much more. To learn more about this valuable service, call us at 574-288-5911. Be prepared and confident during court hearings.

Cohabitation Investigations – Integrity Investigations provides our clients with documentation of cohabitation. This investigation is invaluable when there is a court order in place prohibiting cohabitation. If you suspect your ex or soon to be ex-spouse is cohabitating with another individual, our firm will document the parameters of that relationship, the frequency of contact, and time frame. Eliminate alimony in a cohabitation situation.

Background Investigations – People are not always who they appear to be, and many times they hide their past. Often, it is the individuals you least suspect. It benefits you to learn as much as possible about a person before engaging with them. We recommend conducting a background investigation on anyone that is frequently invited into your home and is in contact with your children on a routine basis. Integrity Investigations, Inc. has a team dedicated solely to background investigations. All records are not easy to obtain, nor are they online. Many times, what is found online can be deceiving because they are neither consistent, nor are they accurate. We utilize proprietary databases, cross-reference all information, and know how to obtain vital records from the different municipalities. We check criminal, civil, sex offense, driving records, vehicle registration information, and moreDon’t have regrets; find out the facts ahead of time.

Who you should do background checks on:

  • Babysitter
  • Boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Nanny
  • Tutor
  • Home care nurses
  • Neighbors
  • Contractors
  • Tenants
  • Prospective business partner

Internet Dating Investigations  Integrity Investigations, Inc. recognizes that the Internet often feels like a comfortable place to meet people. Unfortunately, scam artists use these same dating sites to target trusting singles every day. You never know for sure who is behind the computer screen, and sometimes you can be blinded by emotions. Our staff is familiar with identifying signs of a fake/fraudulent profile compared to a legitimate person. If we have identified the person you are communicating with is legitimate, we can conduct a background check, so you know their history before you bring them into your life. Our in-depth background checks will help you understand their life currently and previously. Have inside knowledge about any criminal and civil history, any previous marriages and divorces, vehicle and property ownership, address history, and known associates and relatives. We highly recommend a background investigation prior to meeting a person face-to-face to help ensure you and your family’s safety. Contact our office today at 574-288-5911. Your emotional and financial future depends on it. Know who you are really communicating with.

Locates of Missing Persons Regardless of the cause, losing touch with a loved one can leave you feeling anxious and unresolved. Integrity Investigations, Inc. has a team of relentless and experienced investigators who have access to multiple databases that allow for cross-referencing not available to the general public. Between our skills and resources, we can successfully locate people who are difficult to find. Let your search be over.

  • Loved Ones Many circumstances can separate friends and family. We will take the time to learn about your loved one and take into account the information you already have to focus our search on the information you want. Integrity Investigations, Inc. has been extremely successful in reuniting estranged loved ones. Allow us to find your loved ones.
  • Runaways – Integrity Investigations, Inc. will partner with you to locate a runaway child. Based on the information you can provide about your son/daughter, we will initiate a field investigation immediately and begin our diligent search. Call our office today at 574-288-5911 to learn about our process. Allow us to help bring your child home.

To eliminate doubt and suspicion and have the indisputable facts to prevail, call us today at (574) 288-5911 for a FREE phone consultation.