What services does your firm provide to Insurance Companies?

See Insurance Services.

How is your firm different from other investigation companies?

Your choice of an investigation company will have a significant impact on the success of the investigation. Location matters when you are hiring a professional investigator. When it comes to insurance surveillance and claims investigations, large national companies have spent millions of dollars marketing and use a systematic procedure to spin the clock until the authorized budget is used up: we refer to these companies as “surveillance mills.” We are not a surveillance mill! We conduct meaningful investigative tasks with aggressive cost control efforts, and our investigations are guided by the facts as they are exposed. Our investigators are highly experienced and well trained.

When possible, insurance companies should work with a private investigation firm established in the same geographical area as the investigation. Many national investigation firms advertise local offices when in reality they don’t have local offices, and sub the work out to inexpensive local individuals with little or no experience and training. Often the company has never met the individual who is conducting the investigation. These individuals are typically not employees of the company either, and therefore not appropriately covered for liability relating to the investigation. It’s important to confirm that the national agency has an operating office in that state of the investigation, and will use an experienced and insured investigator.

What can we expect from your company?

We want to see our client find the best possible outcome. Whether we uncover proof of a fictitious claim or proof of legitimacy, we will equip you with the information necessary to make the best decision regarding the claim. Our firm has assisted many insurance companies, helping them secure resolutions and save substantial money. Our staff takes the time to review the information you have and determine the appropriate method of investigation.

Can you provide references?

Absolutely. Please review our testimonials.

Do you conduct surveillance?

Yes, and we have experience working closely with insurance companies, assisting with alleged claims. Our highly experienced surveillance specialists are available to work around the clock and have the skill set and state-of-the-art equipment necessary to capture photo and video documentation that may be vital to the claim.

How soon before you can start a case?

The start time of any case is dependent on how quickly you can communicate the necessary information and documentation to our office. Rest assured, if you are on a time restraint, we are happy to work with you to meet your deadline.

Do you conduct witness statements?

Yes, if requested, we conduct witness statements because we realize how valuable their information can be. Our staff is trained on witness statements from the initial contact with the witness to the final product. We will communicate with you to determine the best method of relaying the information, so the statement can be used to your benefit.

Can you testify in court if called upon?

Yes. Our investigators are experienced and confident in court proceedings. They maintain a professional demeanor and will provide an ethical testimony. Our reports produce documented proof of our findings and are court ready. Our investigators often furnish documentation that negates court procedures, resulting in reduced costs for our clients.

What is the typical cost of insurance investigations?

We bill at an hourly rate plus expenses. After determining the specifications of the case, we will establish a realistic budget and begin working diligently on your case.

We have done our best to answer frequently asked questions, but if there is something we didn’t answer, please contact our office direct at 574-288-5911.