Family Law/ Child Custody

Child Now Safe

Cole hired our office to assist him in his custody battle involving his son, Luke. He was separated from his son’s biological mother, Elaine, for almost seven years. When Cole came to Integrity, Luke was 11 years of age. During the last few years, Elaine had a live-in boyfriend with four children of his own. Their ages ranged from 2 to 21, and they illustrated minimal discipline. The oldest son was known to smoke marijuana in his bedroom. Cole decided this was not the influence he wanted around Luke; mainly because he was at a very influential stage in his life. Cole’s attorney advised him to hire a private investigator to assist with the case. Cole contacted Integrity under the advisement of his attorney but did not understand what a private investigator could do for him. Over the next six months, the Integrity staff worked closely with Cole, providing background checks on Elaine, her boyfriend, and his oldest son. Surveillance and social media were documented for all individuals who had contact with Luke. One of Integrity’s client specialists met with Cole weekly to assist with putting together documentation specialized to his case and what he would need for court.

Result: Cole secured a safe place for Luke to stay and ensured the well-being of his son was maintained.

Foster Mother Wins

Integrity was contacted by Anna, who was a foster parent to a little girl named Sophia. Anna explained her situation and informed the office that she intended to adopt Sophia, who was at the time, three years old. When she started the adoption process, Sophia’s biological mother came forward and stated she wanted her daughter back. The biological mother was a drug addict and decided several days after giving birth, that she did not wish to keep the child. She willingly handed the baby over to Anna, who went through the process to become a foster parent for Sophia. Now, the mother was claiming she was clean of all drugs and wanted a second chance of raising her daughter. While conducting surveillance, our field investigator reported a lot of activity throughout all hours of the day and evening at the mother’s residence. Additional research proved that the mother was still associating with the same crowd.

Result: It was determined that Sophia’s best placement was to remain in the foster home with Anna.

Children Placed with Best Father

Barbara and Dave came into our office regarding a child custody case. During the initial engagement, they gave the news that Barbara was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and was given a life expectancy of 6 months. They were concerned about the wellbeing of Barbara’s children because their biological father recently resurfaced and conveyed an interest in obtaining legal, physical custody. Barbara expressed her wish of keeping the children in their home under the care of their stepfather, Dave, who was heavily involved in their lives. Shortly after the initial meeting, Barbara’s health declined. She, unfortunately, passed before they made the decision to fully retain our services. Dave later returned to the Integrity office to engage our services due to the biological father beginning legal action towards obtaining custody. It was indicated to Dave this would be an uphill battle, but our staff would assist along the way. Integrity performed background checks on all parties involved and conducted surveillance on the father’s residence. Through investigative research and surveillance, it was determined the father’s family had criminal records, two of which were residing in his home at the time, and one was wanted by the local authorities and was not allowed to be around children.

Result: By working closely with Dave and his attorney, Dave obtained full legal, physical custody of the children.


All names have been changed to protect the identity and confidentiality of all cases used in our case studies.