Criminal Defense

Successful Mitigation

Our client, Tyreese, was at the local gas station enjoying his day with friends. Smokey, a stranger to Tyreese, approached him and his friends looking for drugs. Tyreese’s friend told the man to get lost, but Smokey would not leave. Finally, annoyed with Smokey, they told him to meet them outside around the corner to do a deal. The exchange occurred, and to Smokey’s surprise, he later learned Tyreese and his friends sold him a different drug than what he was expecting. Outraged, Smokey called the police stating he was ‘robbed.’ As the police continuously interviewed Smokey throughout the next couple of months, his story changed each time. At one point, the police were looking to charge our client with Assault with a Deadly Weapon, after Smokey claimed they put a gun to his head. Integrity Investigations was hired to investigate this ‘drug-deal-gone-wrong.’

Result: After investigating the case, Integrity discredited the complainant’s statements and uncovered evidence to assist the defense and the three co-defendants counsel to mitigate 20 years off their initial suggested sentence.

Located Witnesses Made the Difference

Integrity Investigations was engaged by legal counsel to assist in defending his client, Thomas. Thomas was being charged with first-degree murder of his wife, Christine, but was claiming self-defense. According to Thomas, he was familiar with where his wife kept her gun. He stated, during an intense argument, she turned and lunged to the area where she stored her weapon, at which time Thomas drew his weapon and fired. Thomas immediately contacted the local authorities, requested help for his wife, and turned himself in. The opposing side took a stance to claim Thomas made a conscious decision to murder his wife and that he had a history of being abusive towards her. Through our investigative techniques, we obtained evidence to discredit the initial theory entered in court, and engaged several character witnesses that agreed to testify on behalf of Thomas. During trial, the witnesses took the stand one-by-one and not only spoke highly of Thomas but were not able to say the same about the victim.

Result: The testimony of the witnesses located and interviewed during the investigation process played a significant role at trial. Thomas was found guilty of second-degree murder, instead of first-degree.

Getting the Witness Statement Made the Difference

Integrity Investigations was contacted by legal counsel to assist in obtaining an official statement from the victim in a criminal case involving her and her biological father. Wayne was charged with several counts of sexual assault with a minor after his daughter, Kacie, came forward and filed a claim against him. Wayne informed his defense counsel that Kacie recanted her story. The defense attorney requested Kacie personally come into his office to write and sign a statement informing the alleged charges were false. Kacie wrote and signed the statement, but disappeared from the attorney’s office before he could speak with her. Shortly after, Kacie changed her phone number, and the attorney no longer had a way to communicate with her. Integrity located Kacie and contacted her on a new phone number obtained. To the investigators surprise, Kacie informed her that she was moving out of the state and would not be returning. She then proceeded to say if the investigator wanted a statement, she would need to meet that day, because Kacie would be leaving town the next morning. Our Investigator packed up and drove five hours away to meet with Kacie, who was very hesitant to give her statement. But, after engaging with Kacie, the investigator obtained the information needed to take back to the client.

Result: The defense attorney is in command of the facts and now understands Kacie was paid to recant her statement.

A Mistrial Due to Evidence Found

Naomi contacted our office regarding a case involving her husband, Bryan. Two of Integrity’s certified criminal defense investigators met with the defense attorney who admitted in his 37 years of practicing law he has never used a private investigator. Bryan was charged with eight felonies’ regarding sexual counts to a minor. He was recently found guilty on several of the charges. The defense needed our help before his sentencing. Our investigative team developed leads and gathered statements from several witnesses that were submitted to the court. It was determined the client’s rights might have been violated during the first trial, convincing the court to set aside the verdict and order a mistrial.

Result: Motion for relief from judgment was granted, Bryan was released, and a new trial set. The defense attorney became a believer in the benefits of having a professional investigator on his side working the case with him.

All names have been changed to protect the identity and confidentiality of all cases used in our case studies.