Family Law

“In providing legal services to my clients, there are countless reasons to utilize the services of investigators. Integrity Investigations, Inc. has been an invaluable asset to my clients. They provide prompt and necessary expert services. I would highly recommend using Integrity Investigations, Inc. for any of your clients’ needs.”

Respectfully Submitted E. Spencer Walton,
Jr, Partner, May Oberfell Lorber

“I have worked on many occasions with Brandy Lord and her staff at Integrity Investigations in the past and have always found them all, to a person, to be cheerful, helpful, and very professional in all their efforts.  They provide quick and efficient service on whatever we have asked them to do, and their services are always reasonable and well worth the cost.  Brandy herself is especially great to work with – she is who puts the “integrity” in Integrity Investigations.  I highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of any of the many investigative services they provide.”

Victoria Hyland, Paralegal,
May Oberfell Lorber

“Your investigation work on our case was impressive, can I get your contact information.”

Opposing Counsel

“I contacted Brandy at Integrity Investigations to find a client who had disappeared on us. Within a week, Integrity had located the reluctant client and had him call me. We scheduled a meeting, and now all is back on track. Integrity Investigation’s work on this case was vital.”

Brad Varner, Partner,
May Oberfell Lorber

“We have used Integrity Investigations in several cases to locate and contact individuals. Often the people we wanted to contact were difficult to locate, but Integrity used many resources to track them down.”

T.J., Attorney