Our Company

Founded in 2004, and incorporated in 2008, Integrity Investigations, Inc. is a licensed, full-service private investigation firm with our home office located in South Bend, Indiana. We offer professional and confidential investigative services to law firms, businesses, and individuals.

Our Purpose:

Seeking facts to eliminate doubt and suspicion.

Our Mission:

At Integrity Investigations, Inc. we provide comprehensive investigations for attorneys, businesses, and individuals nationwide. Our staff diligently works as a team to review our clients’ objectives and utilize our decades of skill, experience, and extensive resources to seek all facts available to provide evidence to help our clients prevail, and eliminate doubt and suspicion. We ensure confidentiality and go above and beyond expectations. Our name was chosen based on the ethical standards we set, and how we adhere to moral and ethical principles at all times. We are licensed and insured, and always act in our clients’ best interest. All facts are delivered in a timely manner.

Our Values:

We are client focused and maintain confidentiality. Our staff works as a team and is dedicated to truth and excellence. We have the utmost integrity and respect with our clients and our work product.

Integrity – Integrity Investigations, Inc. was founded based on morals and ethics, which are exhibited through our staff. Our company thrives on Integrity.

Confidentiality – The ethics to which our firm is required to adhere to mandates that all case information remains confidential. Our clients can feel comfortable speaking with members of our staff knowing all information is kept secure.

Respect – Regardless of the situation, our clients can feel comfortable in knowing they will not be judged based on their current circumstances. We value our clients and treat them with the respect they deserve.

Client Focused – We are dedicated to serving our clients’ needs, and assisting each of them with a successful resolution. Our clients are at the center of our work, and we do everything possible to ensure their satisfaction.

Team Work – Our staff has proven through many years that they are an effective team that works efficiently with our clients and each other to achieve success in all our cases.

Excellence – We believe in doing investigations right the first time. We strive for excellence and maintain a high level of quality in our workproduct.

Truth ­– We uncover the truth for our clients. We build relationships of trust and create the peace of mind our clients deserve.