Criminal Defense

Is criminal defense a regular part of your caseload?

Yes, we handle criminal defense cases regularly. Our team includes Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigators that will pursue and uncover the facts, leaving no stone unturned. Our job is to search for the truth. Our goal is to make sure there are no surprises down the road, and most importantly on the day of court.

What services does your firm provide to criminal defense attorneys?

See Criminal Defense Services.

How is your firm different from other investigation companies?

Criminal defense investigations are complex and require specialized knowledge and skill. Integrity is staffed with Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigators leading a team of esteemed professionals who have the drive and know-how to uncover and obtain information needed. We understand we are not only representing our company, but the firms we partner with as well. We stand behind our ethics each step of the way. Integrity is not just our name; it’s our culture.

Can you provide references?

Absolutely. Please review our testimonials.

What can a criminal defense attorney expect of your office?

Our goal is to set the foundation for successful representation, so the attorneys we work with do well in court and exceed the expectations of their clients. On a typical case, our office will; complete a full case review, review the discovery, conduct an investigation of the crime scene, prepare a timeline and cast of characters, locate witnesses, obtain witness statements, manage witnesses, conduct background investigations, attend court hearings, and offer full litigation support. We will also put the time and effort into preparing your clients and witnesses with all aspects of the courtroom. If needed, we can provide dress modification and appropriate makeup to avoid premature stigmas from the court that can distract from a solid testimony.

Can you testify in court if called upon?

Yes. Our investigators are experienced and confident in court proceedings. They maintain a professional demeanor at all times, providing an ethical testimony. Unfortunately, investigators are often associated with a negative stigma that they are nothing more than paid witnesses. Our investigators are different because we have professional, ethical guidelines that they adhere to for our licensing and our membership with multiple professional associations.

Can you locate witnesses?

Yes. Our team of skilled researchers works in the most productive manner to locate witnesses. We never know what obstacles we will come across. Depending on the subject’s lifestyle and the purpose surrounding the case, we will determine what methods to utilize for the locate. Integrity has a wealth of proprietary national databases available. We utilize traditional and non-traditional field-work and other effective resources.

How do you handle witness statements?

Each case and each witness are unique and are treated as such. Our ideal efforts are to locate and interview witnesses. The information we obtain will be documented accordingly for you to use to your benefit. It is not only important to have documented information, but to be mindful of how the information is documented. We can communicate verbally, provide a confidential and privileged memo, an official court-ready report, a hand-written statement by the witness, or video or audio recordings. Our staff is trained on witness statements from the initial contact to the final product.

How much does a criminal defense investigation typically cost?

It depends on the case. Once we have established the parameters of the investigation, we will determine a realistic budget. We bill at an hourly rate and always take an aggressive approach to cost control for our clients.

We have done our best to answer frequently asked questions, but if there is something we didn’t answer, please contact our office direct at 574-288-5911.