Insurance Case Studies

Surveillance and Social Media Research Made the Difference

Our office was hired to assist in a claim against an RV Company. Brenda, the claimant, stated she had minimal use of her right hand and could not hold anything more than five pounds. Through our investigative efforts; videos, still photos, and social media documentation was obtained and provided to the client. It was apparent Brenda was presenting a false claim about her limitations.

Result: Ultimately, Brenda withdrew her claim.

Knowledge Provides Next Step

An insurance company hired Integrity Investigations to assist in a case alleging that Matthew, a former employee of Nameless Inc., injured his back on the job. Through our surveillance efforts, we advised our client that Matthew was showing signs of difficulty in some of his activities and stated limitations.

Result: The information obtained was what the client needed to find a settlement that fit everyone’s needs rather than taking the case to trial and possibly losing. The truth may not always be in favor of our client, but it will assist our client in deciding what their next necessary steps are.

The Next Investigative Step Made the Difference

An insurance company retained our office shortly after the deposition of a claimant who was alleging severe back trouble stemming from an incident that occurred at his place of employment. The claimant, Bob, was off work for over six months. Initially, our investigators were having a challenging time observing Bob performing any physical activities other than driving and walking. Our investigators noticed he was walking with slight difficulty, but were unable to attribute it to the back problems due to his weight. The case was turned over to our research team who spent time combing through social media accounts to see if there was anything more concrete. A post was located through geo-based (location) social media research relating to the stress of shoveling after a massive snowstorm. In the post, Bob was photographed assisting his sons shoveling the steps and driveway of his residence.  

Result: The investigative work was turned over to a satisfied client who noted they would be contacting the attorney assigned to the case. The agent also noted her back hurt just from watching the video.

All names have been changed to protect the identity and confidentiality of all cases used in our case studies.